10 Ways to Earn Money Online from Home Without Investment


Are you looking for the ways to earn money online? Did you try to make money online before but did not get success? Then no need to worry anymore! This Article will clear your all doubts!

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How To Earn Money From Home Without Any Investment?

People want to earn extra money apart from their regular jobs.

First of all there are literally endless ways to make money online without investment, and here we are guiding the most effective and efficient ways. All the process explained and guided in this website are completely working and tested.

It’s a business without investment so Job Seekers, Housewives, Retired Peoples and Students are looking for ways to earn money online.

This article is mainly for those people who are looking for best ways to earn money from online jobs without investment.

Is Making Money Online is Possible?

Yes! There are people who are earning lots of money since many years. You often here that “Earning online is not possible and it’s always a scam”! People who don’t know about the truth are always saying this. These people are spreading negativity about online money earning business.

You should not listen to these people. You should just avoid them and use your knowledge and common sense.

It’s easy to earn online but you have to do some smart work in it. There is tons of work out there on internet. You can try Clicking Ads, Sending Emails, Selling Stuffs like Videos or Photos, Art Works, etc.

Ways to Earn Money Online Without Investment From Home

What will you Learn from this Article

Check some of the best ways to earn money online below & start immediately!

  1. Earn from PTC Websites
  2. Earn with GPT Sites
  3. Work from Home Free Paid Surveys
  4. Make Money From Blogging
  5. Become a Captcha Solver
  6. Make Money with Google AdSense
  7. Earn with Affiliate Marketing
  8. Become a Freelancer
  9. Become a Seller on Fiverr
  10. Earn from YouTube Channels & Videos

How to Earn Money Online Without Investment From Home

Ways of earning money online described in this article are Absolutely Free & without Investment. So anyone who is College Student, Housewife, Part Time Job Seeker, Retired Person or who need Second Income for some extra cash.

This ways are not like quick money making but I assure you that anyone can make decent income every month with this ways with 4 – 5 hours of daily work on computer.

Ways of How To Earn Money From Home Without Any Investment?

1. Earn From PTC Websites
Earn from PTC Websites

How to earn money from home without any investment

This method is best useful for newbie who are new to online money making field.

There are millions of people worldwide who are dependent on PTC sites (Get Paid to click websites) when it comes to fulfill their extra earning requirements.

But only a fraction of people are earning good money from these PTC sites. There are many reason for this but one of the biggest reason is many of them join scam PTC sites.

So you don’t need to worry as we have tested hundreds of sites & after doing our research & receiving payments from some of the sites, we are able to recommend you to these PTC sites for extra earnings.

So how to earn money online from home without investment?

PTC sites are nothing but paid to click sites where you can join & get paid for viewing the ads. If you work 5-7 minutes on one website daily then you can earn $200 monthly (Rs 10,000+) from these sites.

Joining any PTC site is absolutely free.

There are some tips if you follow & do it properly then you can earn more than $200 a month from these sites by working 30 minutes to 1 hour on these sites.

One of the best reasons to join PTC sites are, Registering with PTC sites is absolutely free and it requires no investment to start. You can start to earn from Day 1. You won’t be scammed unless you join scam sites.

We have done a complete research & have received number of payments from these PTC sites. Although we have found some more trusted sites but we thought of including only these top sites.

Top Sites: InboxDollar, Clixsense, Neobux, Scarlet Clicks, GPT Planet, PrizeRebel, Paidverts

So these are some of the top PTC sites where you can join, get assured of viewing hundreds of ads and other earning offers and regular payments. All these sites has got a great payment history with good feedback from their members.

Tips to earn more in PTC sites

  • Register with more than one PTC sites.
  • Make it a habit to view all the ads daily at a fix time.
  • Go for a premium membership if you can.
  • Having some extra time, complete tasks and offers.
  • Refer as many people as you can through email, Facebook, WhattsApp & other ways.

From all these sites, you can receive your earning through PayPal, Payza, Payoneer or cheque. Account is free on all these sites. You can withdraw your earning from PayPal or Payza to your local bank account.

2. Earn with GPT Websites
Earn with GPT Sites

How to earn money online in india without investment

One of the simplest forms of making extra money on the internet is through sites known as GPT (Get Paid To) sites.

GPT is the best way to earn online without investment and without any technical knowledge. And it is easy to work in GPT sites than working in captcha entry and data entry sites.

  • You can find some of the best, most trusted, genuine get paid to (GPT) sites here.
  • There are only few scam sites in GPT compared to the paid to click sites (PTC). Paid to click sites offers only few ways to earn like ad clicking, PTSU and grids. So, you can not earn more in those sites.
  • Where get paid to sites offers many ways to earn including ad clicking which is explained below.

What is get paid to (GPT)?

Some people confuse these for paid survey sites, but they are not!

These are basically a form of online rewards program where you are rewarded for doing a variety of online tasks, from reading emails and completing offers, to shopping online, visiting advertiser websites, and so on.

GPT means get paid to complete a task. Get paid to sites offers several ways to earn online, you can earn money through e-mail reading, online surveys, offers, ad clicking, mini tasks, watching videos, hearing radio, manual surfing, grids, paid to promote, searching webpages, liking Facebook pages, following in twitter, setting home page url & auto surf to earn without working.

Advantages of working in GPT sites:

  • Multiple ways to earn money online.
  • Referral facility with higher commission percentage.
  • Less scams comparing to PTC sites.
  • You can earn without working through home page and auto surf.

How much can you earn per day?

You can earn somewhere between $2 – $10 without referrals and hundreds of dollars depending on the referrals downline. So, if you can’t able to refer more people its better to work in the GPT sites than working in a PTC sites where you cannot earn anything by clicking ads. Remember few GPT sites provides paid to click or ad clicking tasks along with other tasks.

  • Earning per survey : $0.50 – $5.
  • Earning per ad click : $0.001 – $0.04.
  • Earning for watching videos : $0.01 – $0.1.
  • Earning per Facebook like: $0.001 – $0.005.
  • Earning per offer : $0.01 – $50 (For high pay offers you should spend money).
  • Earning per mini task : $0.01 – $1.

While most GPT sites pay weekly or monthly, there are those that pay after 24 hours or even instantly. The difficult part is in finding these sites, especially since there are already too many GPT sites out there today.

Well, the good news is we’ve already done the work for you and scoured the entire Internet just looking for the gems that pay instantly.

After searching long and wide, even taking the pains of going through pages and pages of the top-rated GPT forms, we are able to compile a list of instant payment GPT sites that are totally legit.

Keep in mind though that there are GPT sites that pay, for the most part, immediately. They may not pay in the next second, but you will receive the payment within 24 hours, even on the weekends.

Top Genuine get paid to sites / Best GPT Jobs

InstaGCPoints2ShopSurvey Monkey, SuperPay, RewardingWays, Get-Paid, Swagbucks, Treasure Trooper, Irazoo, SquishyCash

Tips to earn more in GPT sites:

If you want instant payment, you need to make sure you have an account with online payment systems used by these GPT sites.

Here is a list of the most popular online payment systems used by most Get Paid To site for paying their members:

PayPal, Payza, WebMoney, Neteller,  Moneybookers (Also knows as Skrill), Final Thoughts

Remember that if you really want to make money with GPT websites, you need to join a ton of them. Take the time to complete surveys every single day, find out how to earn from referrals, and so on.

That said, don’t count on them as a way to make a living. Online rewards programs are great for side income, that’s all. They aren’t going to replace your day job.

As we discover more instant payment GPT websites, we will update this post. So what are you waiting for? Bookmark and visit this page frequently.

3. Paid Surveys - Work From Home for Free
Work from Home Free Paid Surveys

How to earn money at home without any investment

No matter what your age, profession or where you live, everyone can take advantage of online surveys for money. There are 100s of survey panels available, however they don’t all offer the same rewards. We have scoured the web to find the highest paying & legitimate research panels who have paid out millions & more to their members. Most of these panels are large companies, paying out millions of dollars.

There are a number of prestigious sites offering online surveys and which accept international membership. However, these sites give a limited number of opportunities to participate in survey for those from other countries.

Just before you continue reading, consider taking advantage of our top surveys. These are the highest-paying available surveys. There’s no more need to chase the ‘best of the best’ as it’s all done for you.

Advantages of online survey jobs:

Online survey jobs / paid online surveys are one of the best among online money making programs because you can earn a lot of dollars just by sharing your opinion for few minutes without investment or paying registration fees.

You don’t need any special skill like fast typing, marketing, coding etc. They pay us just for choosing the best opinion using the mouse.

Once you build trust, the survey panels will make you a premium member and you will be one among the premium research team. That time you will realize the power of market research, where the invitations will be prioritized with more pay.

Something you should know about paid online surveys:

Some online surveys that pay have smartphone apps, where you can participate in paid surveys from your smartphone itself. After signing up you can scan the QR code on account dashboard to download the app.

Few online survey sites pay referral commission instantly for referring people. Refer your friends to earn incentives which will boost the numbers on the paycheck.

Some paid survey sites pay special rewards for members from certain countries. For example, survey savvy pays up to $200 for enabling digital tracking on the internet connected devices. The download link of the software is given at the end of this article.

Try to join multiple survey jobs so you will get survey opportunity daily. Some panels will allow you to participate only in 5 – 10 surveys per month.

Top 10 legitimate paid survey sites that really pay high:

Ipsos I-SaySwagbucksInbox Dollars, Toluna, MySurvey, GlobalTestMarket, Opinion Outpost, MyView, Pinecone Research, Vindale Research

Note 1: Survey Panels are mobile phone compatible. So, if you wish to earn money through your smartphones (Ex. Android, iPhone, Windows Phone), paid survey will be a best reliable option.

Note 2: Join multiple survey panels to get more opportunity to participate in related research that you’re interested in.

Note 3: Remember that you must activate your account after registration in order to receive paid survey invitation. After signing up go to the email (used to sign up) Inbox, open the email sent by the survey panel and click the verification link to get your account verified and activated.

The general rules that apply for completion of online surveys are mostly similar regardless of the choice you make and these include:

  • Browse the Offers and Surveys available on the site you have registered with. Read the requirements and title to help you decide if you want to proceed with it.
  • Select the offer or survey you are interested in and click on the link availed to complete the task.
  • Complete the offer or survey by following the instructions to the letter. You will be required to be truthful and honest.
4. Make Money From Blogging
Make Money From Blogging

How to earn money online from home without investment

Start a free blog on any niche you already know well, publish quality articles and promote your blog.

Once started to receive traffic from Search engines and other sources, start monetizing with Google Adsense, Adhitz, Chitika or Bing ads. When a visitor visit your site and suppose clicked on any displaying advertisements you will get paid.

We can make some money from our blog in many ways such as Promoting Affiliate products, selling advertising spaces, selling E-Books and other stuff related to electronic products, CDs etc.

But those methods will work only if we have our own website and also a decent number of visitors visiting our blog regularly.

So spend your valuable time to get through the ideas shared in this article and start making money online without investment today.

Here’s an overview of initial five starting steps to follow if you want to make money blogging.

  1. Deciding your Blog theme or Purpose of blogging
  2. Generating valuable content and useful information’s
  3. Setting up of blogging platform
  4. Expressing your contents and building your blog
  5. Marketing your blog and monetizing.
5. Become a Captcha Solver
Become a Captcha Solver

To make money online

If you have more time then you can add further income in your pocket by working as a captcha solver. This is the one of easiest way to earn money online.

As a captcha solver, you need to read the captcha images & type the exact characters. You need to be very fast in order to earn better income.

You can get paid up to $2 for every 1000 captchas you solve.

If you are interested in this then you can check this list of 10 best captcha entry sites.

KolotibabloMegaTypers, CaptchaTypers, ProTypers, Captcha2Cash, 2Captcha, Qlinkgroup, VirtualBee, FastTypers, PixProfit

So these are the top 10 sites for Captcha entry work. Its very difficult to work on all the sites simultaneously so you need to check which sites you like the most & work on few of the sites from the list.

6. Make Money with Google AdSense
Make Money with Google AdSense

Earn money online how

How to Generate Online Income Without Investment from your Website with Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a contextual advertising program that allows you to run ads on your website or blog, or YouTube videos, and get paid when when visitors click on them. The ads are generated from businesses that use Google’s AdWords program.

You need a website (which anyone can create now a days) & some tricks to bring the traffic on your website so that you can earn money from AdSense & other ad network.

Thousands of people in India & all over the world are earning $200 to $1000+ per month with Google AdSense.

The Google AdSense program has several great advantages including:

It’s free to join.

Eligibility requirements are easy, which means you can monetize your website or blog even when it’s new.

There are a variety of ad options and several you can customize to fit the look and feel of your site.

  • Google pays monthly (if you meet the $100 threshold) by direct deposit.
  • You can run ads on several websites from one AdSense account.
  • There are options to run ads on mobile devices and RSS feeds.
  • You can easily add it to your YouTube and Blogger accounts.

With that said, there are a few drawbacks to AdSense as well:

  • Google can terminate your account in an instant, and it’s not very forgiving if you break the rules.
  • Like all forms of online income, you need targeted traffic in order to make money.
  • When people click on an AdSense ad, you do make some money, but your visitor also leaves your site.
  • It doesn’t necessarily pay more than other similar programs.
7. Earn with Affiliate Marketing
Earn with Affiliate Marketing

To earn money online

Learn how to make money online as an affiliate. Promote other people's products and make money for yourself. We show you how!
FREE $197

If you are serious about earning money online & you are a hard working guy who wants to make big income then affiliate marketing is for you.

Affiliate marketing involves having your own site and sending your traffic to someone else’s site to buy their products or services. For every sale initiated by a link from your site, you earn a percentage – an affiliate sales commission.

Affiliate marketing can be done on a part-time basis, and many are so successful that they’ve made it their full-time job. Equally exciting, you can get in the game in just a few hours. But how successful you are is based on the amount of time and effort you devote.

There is more scope for affiliate marketing than before because of the high growth of online shopping.

There are hundreds of online merchants like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, CJ etc. where you can signup & promote their products.

In affiliate marketing, you are simply helping customers to buy the right product by creating a simple website & in return you can earn 4% to 20% commission.

Affiliate marketing involves having your own site and sending your traffic to someone else’s site to buy their products or services. For every sale initiated by a link from your site, you earn a percentage–an affiliate sales commission.

Affiliate marketing can be done on a part-time basis, and many are so successful that they’ve made it their full-time job. Equally exciting, you can get in the game in just a few hours. But how successful you are is based on the amount of time and effort you devote.

Here is how you can make money online with these Five tips:

  1. Create a website or blog
  2. Decide your product/service niche
  3. Find products and services to promote
  4. Affiliate site content
  5. Affiliate sites must attract lots of targeted traffic to succeed

To do well, read all you can about the opinions, tool and strategies of both experts and peers. But before you even start, choose a niche about which you’re passionate. The more you truly enjoy what you’re immersed in, the more likely you are to transform your affiliate marketing and money-making venture into a huge success.

Learn how to make money online as an affiliate. Promote other people's products and make money for yourself. We show you how!
FREE $197
8. Become a Freelancer
Become a Freelancer

How earn money online

Freelancing means to have different jobs or short-term assignments or contracts with number of companies, websites, organisations, etc., without any long-term contract.

The Internet has greatly expanded opportunities to earn money working as a freelancer. Approximately 10.3 million Americans work for themselves, a number that is expected to grow in the future. Freelancing can be freeing, as the name suggests, as well as empowering and challenging

Decide what type of freelance work you are committed to doing. Freelancing jobs are as broad as the work force, and you need identify what it is you want to do before you can begin to do it. View your skills as valuable resources that are worth charging and receiving pay for.

Reflect on what you’re good at. Just about every type of skill can be turned into a freelancing opportunity. Keep in mind that you’re “secondary” skills, like researching and writing, for example, can be just as useful as a specific set of skills unique to a profession (e.g., graphic designer or computer programming). If you know you’re a strong writer, then you could develop a freelance writing business.

It’s very easy to believe that you don’t have the necessary skills or experience, but in fact you actually need very little experience in order to get started freelancing. Instead, believe in your abilities and focus on producing good work.

10 Tips for New Freelancers:

  1. Choose a Niche.
  2. Get Clear on Your Service Offerings.
  3. Create a High Quality Portfolio Site.
  4. Start Freelancing Before Your Quit Your Day Job.
  5. Level Up Your Skills.
  6. Build Your Credibility.
  7. Determine Your Pricing.
  8. Perfect Your Pitching.
  9. Blog Frequently.
  10. Guest Post on Relevant Industry Blogs & Publications.

Top 10 Freelance Websites – Choose A Platform From

You can choose any of the platform. At the end, your skills matter more than the platform.

Upwork, Toptal, Freelancer, 99Designs, Guru, Peopleperhour, GetACoder, Project4Hire, Groove Job, Truelancer

Well, you know what it takes to build a freelancing business, you’ve been handed a very simple system structured in a manner to help you out. Now, it’s time for the ACTION. Do not read any more information. Information overload and undertaking action is the saddest thing to see around these days.

“Actions Speak Louder Than Words. Never confuse Motion with Action.”

I would be really happy if you took action after reading this. If you follow the steps and do all the hard work, we would love to know about more problems you face, successes you attain and more.

9. Become a Seller on Fiverr
Become a Seller on Fiverr

Ways to earn money online

I am going to show you how to make money on Fiverr step by step. If you didn’t know, Fiverr is a marketplace where anyone can sign up and sell services for $5.

That can be anything from logo design, transcript, video creation, backlinks, social signals and so on. You can even get a video of your name in shells on the beach or hold your sign while skydiving.

If you have a browse through the available Fiverr gigs you will see how varied they are – there really is a gig for everyone!

The best bit is anyone can learn how to make money online without investment by signuping to Fiverr as a seller and starting selling their service.

If you are looking for a way to get started online – it really doesn’t get any easier than this. Even I’m admiring its simplicity.

  1. Create a Gig. Sign up for free, set up your Gig, and offer your work to our global audience.
  2. Deliver great work. Get notified when you get an order and use their system to discuss details with customers.
  3. Get paid. Get paid on time, every time. Payment is transferred to you upon order completion.

So now you understand how to make money on Fiverr – what are you waiting for? Go and make your first dollar online right now!

If you have any questions about how to make money with Fiverr then please feel free to ask them in the comments below and I will answer them for you.

10. Earn from YouTube Channels & Videos
Earn from YouTube Channels & Videos

You’ve probably heard stories about regular people earning money on YouTube and thought, “Hey, I can do this too!”. While earning thousands of dollars probably isn’t realistic, you can start earning money quickly, especially if you have a strong subscriber base. Follow this guide to get your videos monetized and start earning revenue off of those YouTube ads.

You may be surprised to hear that YouTube could help you earn more than you would from traditional blogging. This is particularly true in the first phase of your online stride.

Let’s examine why YouTube may prove to be a better monetization method than blogging.

No domain and hosting investment.

The biggest advantage of YouTube is that you do not need to buy a domain or hosting package to get started. Instead, you can make your online presence known simply by the virtue of your channel.

The YouTube channel is where a user will see all of the uploads and recent activity of the uploader. If the uploader has enabled certain settings, visitors can also see the uploader’s interactions.

In terms of hosting, it’s really cool to get your content hosted for free by a site which is among the world’s top 5 websites and whose servers are present almost everywhere the internet exists.

In a nutshell, YouTube can allow you to earn money from the comforts of your home with zero investment.

So these 10 ways can provide a perfect answer for your query “How To Earn Money From Home Without Any Investment?”! Please share your experience of earning online in comments.

Learn how to make money online as an affiliate. Promote other people's products and make money for yourself. We show you how!
FREE $197
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