Build Your Email List Fast with Facebook and other Social Media

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Build Your Email List Fast with Facebook and other Social Media!

Social media has completely changed the world of internet marketing. It’s easier than ever to connect with customers. You can directly promote your products or services.

Among the many benefits of social media is the ability to grow your email list. Social media sites provide the perfect opportunity to gain new subscribers.

Facebook Is The Most Used Social Media Site

Since Facebook is the most used social media site, it should always be a part of your social media marketing strategy. Facebook currently has over one billion active users.

If you’ve been struggling to build your email list, then find out how to use Facebook to attract new subscribers.

You Should Have An Email Marketing Campaign In Place

Before you can start building your email list through Facebook, you’ll need to have an email marketing campaign in place. Make sure you have a method of managing your subscriber list and sending out emails.

If you’ve yet to get started with email marketing, there are many free options. Mail Chimp and other email marketing platforms allow you to get started for free.

Once you have an email marketing platform selected, you can begin targeting new subscribers on Facebook using four effective methods.

Target New Subscribers On Facebook Using 4 Effective Methods

The first method is to include a link to your sign-up form directly on your Facebook Business page profile. Facebook has included the ability to add a link next to your profile background image. You can choose from multiple buttons, including a “subscribe now” button.

When a user clicks on the button, they’ll be directed to the sign-up form for your email list. This is the easiest solution to begin gaining new subscribers, but it’s not your only option.

You Could Run Sweepstakes

For the second method, you could run sweepstakes. Choose one or more special prizes to give to new subscribers. Decide how many prize you want to give away. Then, create a Facebook advertisement campaign with a post discussing your sweepstakes.

In order to register to win, users must subscribe to your email list. Of course, they should have the option to opt-out of your mailing list at any time.

Provide Special Offers

Along with sweepstakes, you could also provide special offers. The third method is to give potential customers a discount on their next purchase after they sign-up to your email list. You could also choose any other special offer that you think your customers will appreciate.

As with the previous suggestion, you can run this as a Facebook ad campaign or simply create new Facebook posts discussing your special offer.

Give Potential Customers Exclusive Content

The final method is to give potential customers exclusive content. This is content that’s not regularly available on your website.

Examples of exclusive content include instructional videos, eBooks, PDFs, and other content that users can download or access via a private link.

Only Send The Free Link After They Subscribe

When giving away exclusive content to new subscribers, you should send them the link via an email after they subscribe. It’s up to you whether they should have the option to download or simply view the content through their browser.

These 4 Methods Should Help You Grow Your Email List

These four methods should help you grow your email list. If you find success using these methods through Facebook, you should think about applying the same techniques on your social media platforms.

You can use similar strategies on Twitter, Google Plus, and the other top networking sites.

Use Only High Quality Content and Offers

If you decide to use these methods, remember to use quality content and offers. When you give content, it should still provide a value to your potential customers. They should benefit from the discount they receive or the content that they view.

People Love Deals, Discounts and Freebies

People love deals, discounts, and freebies. Start using these strategies today to build your email list. It should not take long to begin noticing a steady increase in your subscriber count.

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